Nouri Vibrancy – 海洋護膚系列套裝 Marine Hydrating Series Set – Serum / Essence / Day Cream / Toning / Cleanser


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美麗綻放精華 (30 ml)



多重修護日霜 (30 ml)


SPF30+  UVA-UVB 舒緩保濕效果


露水保濕乳液 (50 ml)




保濕爽膚保養液 (50 ml)



完美潔淨潔面乳 (100 ml)

護膚由潔面開始!讓肌膚保持清爽又沒有油脂和污垢。潔面乳性質溫和, 不含硫酸鹽,不含矽,容易沖走!


Beauty Glowing Serum

With age, stress and pollution, the skin pigmentation process can be disturbed leading to age spots and an uneven complexion. Skin’s luminosity and uniformity tend to decrease with age. A skin with dull tone, spots and irregular pigmentation looks much older than the real age. That is the reason why an even-toned skin is perceived as a sign of youth. Using serum before the day cream to restore the skin’s luster and the youthful vitality of the skin.


Ultra Multi-Action Day Cream

A non-greasy and light day cream delicately formulated to give optimal protection for your skin during day time, leaves your skin complexion smooth and moisturize all day long.

SPF30+  UVA-UVB Soothing & Hydrating Effects


Dew Enriching Moisturiser

The right moisturizer not only helps you hydrate your skin, but it can also strengthen your skin barrier and improve overall well-being. Additional restoration of day creams to strengthen and repair skin integrity, prevent skin drought, and moisturize dry skin. Makes skin smoother, enhances skin’s ability as a protective layer, and locks in moisture.


Hydrating Toning Essence

This ultimate solution is ideal for use after cleansing and throughout the day. It provides optimal hydration and brings a youthful vitality to your delicate skin, to give maximum pampering for your skin. Light & fast absorbing, better protective effect, provides refreshing burst of hydration.


Perfectly Purifying Cleanser

The Cleansing is where skincare begins! Regular and proper face cleansing is a must for keeping your skin fresh and free of oil and dirt. The Cleansing is mild nature & gentle, Sulfate Free and Silicone Free, easy to wash away.


生產地: 馬來西亞


棕藻萃取物 – 最大限度地減少導致皮膚過早衰老的壓力。

紅藻萃取物 – 淨化抗菌和抵抗真菌,啟動皮膚自身水合作用。

伊洛瓦茲海水 – 微濾海水,皮膚的生理和營養精華素,具有補充礦物質的特性。

亞麻薺籽油萃取物 / 百里香萃取物 – 植物萃取物,防止色斑出現。

東亞葛棗獼猴萃取物 – 植物萃取物,使肌膚亮白。

藥蜀葵萃取物/ 水稻萃取物 / 甘草萃取物 – 有效防止黑斑出現。

Origin: Malaysia

The main ingredient comes from the Iroise Sea in France, natural pollution-free marine treasure.

Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (Brown Algae) – Minimizes oxidative stress and therefore premature skin aging.

Asparagopsis Armata Extract (Red Algae) – Have purifying antibacterial and anti fungal properties and can stimulate the skin hydration process.

The Iroise Sea Water – It is a physiological and nutritional serum for the skin that strengthens your skin barrier and moisture retention.

Camelina Sativa Seed Oil / Thymus Vulgaris Extract – Anti-blemish solution for a clearer complexion.

Extract of The East Asian Silver Vine Fruit – Skin appears more brilliant and brighter.

Marshmallow / Rice Bran / Liquorice – Significantly reduces skin dullness and brightens your skin.

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Nouri Vibrancy - 海洋護膚系列套裝 Marine Hydrating Series Set - Serum / Essence / Day Cream / Toning / Cleanser


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