CMT – Travel Care 旅遊寶 100ml


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解決你旅遊途中的苦惱 ~~

CMT Travel Care 旅遊寶 100ml瓶裝

Made in Hong Kong (香港製造)

Nano raw materials come from the United States


Protect the body from infection with bacteria and viruses


💯The latest nanotechnology photocatalyst + nano silver particles 最新納米科技光觸媒+納米銀粒子
💯Eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria 消滅 99.99%病毒和細菌
💯Effectiveness lasts up to 4 weeks 功效持續達4週
💯International TUV test certification 國際TUV測試認證


CMT – Travel Care 旅遊寶 100ml

  • Spraying the mask once can keep the mask sterile and odorless for 2 days
  • Spraying clothes once can continue to prevent bacteria for 4 weeks
  • Spraying door handles and elevator buttons at a time can continue to prevent bacteria for 4 weeks
  • Spraying the toilet board can eliminate viruses and bacteria and eliminate odors and can last for 4 weeks
  • 噴塗口罩一次可以維持口罩無菌無臭2天
  • 噴塗衣服一次可以持續防菌4週
  • 噴塗門柄和電梯按鈕一次可以持續防菌4週
  • 噴塗厕所板能消滅病毒細菌和消除臭味並可持續4週

1. 8-10 inches away from the target
2. Press the nozzle harder to press to the end to increase the degree of atomization
3. When spraying, the hand needs to move horizontally at the same time to make the spray evenly
4. Only 2 or 3 times If spraying the inside and outside of the mask
5. Let it dry for 3-5 minutes before use

1. 距離目的物要有8-10吋
2. 按動噴頭要用力一下按到底增加霧化程度
3. 噴時手需要同時打橫移動使到噴霧平均
4. 如噴口罩裡外面各噴2或3下
5. 待3-5分鐘涼乾後就可以用了

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CMT - Travel Care 旅遊寶 100ml